Terms and conditions for student Pheme accounts.

  • I am aware of and agree to abide by the Acceptable use of IT Policy, the extract from the AARNET Allowed Access Policy and the additional rules for student usernames. I understand that access to the network may be terminated permanently and without notice for breach of any of the above regulations or rules.
  • I give permission for my name and student email address to be displayed in the UWA Online Contact Directory, which is visible only to those on the University network.
  • I understand that a UWA user name is a privilege, not a right and carries responsibilities, such as checking it frequently to ensure it has not been accessed by other people. I understand that I may be held responsible if I disclose my user name and password to another person.
  • I understand that ownership of this user name is retained by UWA and that although I am authorised to use it, I have no power to 'authorise' its use by any other person.
  • I am aware that misuse of computer access can attract criminal penalties, civil liability for third party loss and university disciplinary action.
  • I have read this declaration carefully, understand my responsibilities and agree to abide by all regulations.