Activating your new Pheme account for the first time

  1. If you are a new student you will need to activate your new account.
  2. During the activation process you will be asked for your student number and your date of birth.
  3. Choose 'I agree' after you have read the terms and conditions.
  4. You will then be asked to enter a 'challenge question and answer'. A challenge question and answer is a useful level of security that uses personally meaningful information.
  5. To easily reset your password, you will need to know your challenge question and answer.
  6. The challenge answer is not case sensitive but it must be six or more characters long and may contain letters numbers, spaces and special characters.
  7. After entering your challenge question and answer, scroll down to the next fields on the screen where you must create a Pheme password. This password must be an 8 character combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers.
  8. Press the submit button to activate your Pheme account.

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Logging in

If you have problems logging in to Pheme you should first check that you have activated your new account.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it if you have a challenge question and answer.

If you are still having problems logging in, please contact our support staff or visit us in person at information desks in any of our subject libraries.

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Changing your password

For security reasons, you will need to change (reset) your password every six months. You will be notified via your student email address when your password is due to expire.

Log on to Pheme with your student number and your current password. If you do not remember your password, you can reset it using the reset existing password utility.

  1. To change your password, log in to Pheme.
  2. Select the 'Change password' link under the 'Manage your account' heading.
  3. Enter in your current Pheme password.
  4. Enter in your new password.
  5. Re-enter the new password to confirm that you typed it correctly.

Note: You cannot use any of your last five passwords.

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Forgotten passwords

If you have forgotten your password and you have a challenge question and answer, you can reset your password by using the 'Reset existing password' link in the left-hand menu of the Pheme website.

You will be prompted with your challenge question and need to enter your correct answer. You can set a new password as soon as you have entered the correct answer to your challenge question.

If you have not set a challenge question, or you do not remember your challenge answer, you will need to visit a subject library information desk. Please take photo identification with you such as your UWA Campus Card, your drivers license or your passport.

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Expired passwords

If your password has expired, please follow the same steps for forgotten passwords.

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Changing your challenge question and answer

Your challenge question and answer are used to identify you when resetting your existing password. You should choose a challenge question and answer that is meaningful only to you and cannot be guessed, or discovered by other people.

  1. To change your challenge question and answer:
  2. Log in to Pheme.
  3. Select 'Change reset challenge' on the left side. 
  4. Select a challenge question from the drop down list. 
  5. Enter the answer to your chosen challenge question.
  6. Enter your Pheme password. 
  7. Select 'Submit'.
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